Why working together helps your path to parenthood

UK regulations act as a safeguard over fertility services in the UK

With Brexit frequently in the headlines, there’s been lots of talk of separation and division in the UK media recently. One thing is for certain: fertility services are stronger and better off together!

The London Women’s Clinic and London Sperm Bank are combining their efforts to create a simple and satisfying program for couples looking to use donor sperm in fertility treatment.

For many, selecting a clinic that provides donor sperm comes down to factors such as branding, website information and price – but there’s much more to consider:

Is the clinic going to understand my needs? What are the laws regarding donor anonymity? Is the quality of the sperm I choose the best it can be?

Great British Quality

Fortunately, for UK fertility patients looking for donor sperm, the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) heavily regulates all sperm banks in the UK. This means that sperm banks within the UK have an exceptional level of sample quality, operating standards and service. Other banks abroad might not be subject to the same regulations.

Why does this matter?

Donor anonymity laws and rights differ from country to country. In the UK, sperm donors have no obligation or rights to children conceived from their sample and remain anonymous until the child conceived from their sperm reaches 18 years of age – whereupon they can request information about their donor from the HFEA themselves.

Our sperm supplier and partner, the London Sperm Bank, is the largest sperm bank in the UK, and upholds the UK’s top standard of donor screening.

The team there check for any harmful diseases or genetic conditions that might put the recipient or their potential child’s health at risk, as well as investigating donor family history to absolutely minimize the chance that they, or their family, have a history of harmful genetic conditions.

When people talk about conditions like cystic fibrosis or sexually transmittable diseases like HIV or chlamydia, it understandably prompts concern among those looking to conceive. Factor in the research and commitment required to embark on the path to parenthood, and without a sense of trust in your clinic and their methods, things can get very stressful.

Fertility solutions at every turn

The London Women’s Clinic works with the London Sperm bank to provide a comprehensive service that is straightforward and simple.

We provide a quality of service that our patients can trust and rely on, so there’s just no need for them to feel stressed – from their first consultation to selecting their ideal donor. Our consultants and nurses will counsel and guide you through each step of your treatment – but selecting a specific donor from our collection is all down to you!

Again, though, there’s no need to feel pressured, because selecting the ideal sperm donor couldn’t be easier. The London Sperm Bank’s online catalogue provides beautifully detailed profiles of all of its donors – everything from their eye color, height, profession and hobbies.

They even have an app for ease of use on mobile devices, allowing prospective parents looking for donor sperm to browse their options on the go.

In short: for quality sperm and service, the UK’s strict regulation mean that all fertility clinics operate at high standards, so the decision falls down to the all-important factor: experience.

Nobody needs additional work to do when it comes to treatment, as there’s enough emotional work to plough through as it is.

Pick a clinic that makes everything – from building a treatment plan to selecting a sperm donor – as easy and hassle free as possible. If you want a service that makes you feel comfortable; the London Women’s Clinic is ready to help.

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