Here’s a guide for trans guys on how to dress, bind and feel confident when it’s way too hot

Leng Montgomery knows how to keep cool in the summer

Hot weather is binder hell for a lot of people – it can feel like the equivalent of wearing a thermal vest in a heatwave.


My advice based on what I used to do was to try and leave time privately to have binder off time.


Wash binders more regularly because of sweat.

I used binders from Underworks and made sure that they were correctly fitted to my chest size.

Stay hydrated and if at any time you do you feel short of breath find some time to take a binder off.



Try and wear colors that won’t show sweat marks so easily. A short sleeved shirt can disguise having a binder underneath as can some styles of vest.


If on a beach or by an outdoor pool wear sunglasses if that helps you feel less vulnerable (I wear them religiously when at beaches or pools)


Feeling confident

If you have had top surgery there is a liberation in bearing your chest and swimming once again, or being topless on a beach but do bear in mind a few things.


For some it is a liberating yet vulnerable experience. For the most part not many people would ask a question about scars unless they knew you well.

But in terms of looking after yourself in the sun make sure your scars aren’t exposed to too much sunlight. Do reapply a higher suntan cream to those areas for extra protection.

But overall find a strategy that works well for you in the sun as some people love being in it and others not so much.


But remain hydrated and do make sure you take measures not to get burned or risk sun stroke or over heating.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Leng Montgomery is a trans specialist at the UK charity Stonewall. Follow him on Twitter here.

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