Singapore LGBTQ community lauds local TV network for showcasing diverse family types


Singapore’s LGBTQ community and its allies are celebrating a video produced by one of the country’s few television news networks, Channel NewsAsia, that showcases different family types.

The video titled ‘This Is My Family’ dispels the notion that the best, or ‘most perfect/normal,’ form of family is one that follows the ‘nuclear family’ format of one mother, one father and their children.

What’s it like having two mums? Being a single mother? Or living as a single? The video features four non-typical Singaporean households that challenge the society’s conservative definition of family.

Even as a successful, wealthy and progressively first-world country, Singapore isn’t known for its support for LGBTQ rights or its local LGBTQ community.

In fact, the Singapore government has recently spoken out against foreign corporate sponsors who wish to support the country’s annual LGBTQ celebration, Pink Dot, which is one of the largest Pride events in the region.

Human rights groups have come forth criticising the country’s lack of embrace of its LGBTQ citizens, as well as its inertia in the repeal of its anti-gay law, Section 377A of the Penal Code, an archaic leftover from the colonial times which criminalises sexual acts between consenting male adults.

CNA’s video has received much praise from its viewers, and local LGBTQ groups such as OogachagaThe Purple AlliancePelangi Pride CentreGLBT Voices Singapore, and Pink Dot SG have also shared it with their audience too.

Assistant Professor of sociology Indira Arumugam from the National University of Singapore also contributed his view that the ‘traditional’ Asian family is changing with the times.

‘Even in Singapore, we have had, and continue to have, a plethora of family forms – extended families, nuclear households, heterosexual couples with no children, singles, same-sex families, single-parent households, sworn sister-hoods, friends and so forth,’ he said.

Previously, Gay Star News covered a story about a lesbian couple living in Singapore who fought against all odds to have a kid of their own. You can read the inspiring story here.

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