Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t supported Trump – wants to help Republicans on ‘LBGT’ issues

Caitlyn Jenner will be in Cleveland during the Republican convention

Caitlyn Jenner makes clear in a new interview that she has not publicly supported controversial Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump.

But the former Olympian remains staunchly Republican even after her political party adopted the most anti-LGBTI platform in its history last month.

‘I am here to help the entire Republican Party do a better job when it comes to LBGT issues. For that reason I stay on the conservative side,’ Jenner, 66, said on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday this week.

The party remains against same-sex marriage, supports conversion therapy and banning transgender people from using public bathrooms matching their gender identity.

‘Now, the Republican Party obviously is – they are not, have not, been as good as it comes to LBGT issues and social issues,’ Jenner said. ‘And so I have kind of positioned myself with the Republican Party, of trying to help these people kind of understand what the issues are for the LBGT community. And obviously, in my case, the ‘T’ portion.”

Jenner has apparently created her own order when it comes to the letters in the acronym LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender).

Jenner has taken a lot of criticism since coming out as transgender in June 2015 because she has stuck by the Republican Party which has sought to curtail the gains being made on the front of LGBTI equality.

While her politics may not be popular with her peers, Jenner has remained determined to use her fame to shed light on the issues transgender people face each day.

‘We have a lot of issues,’ she says. ‘We have a nine times higher suicide rate than the general public. Young kids especially. Very prone to bullying. Not fitting in. The murder rate is way way too high of trans individuals. Hate crimes towards trans people. Maybe I can help the Republican Party do a better job when it comes to these types of issues.’

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