REVIEW: Volkshotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stay at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam

The Volkshotel in Amsterdam is a hotel for artists, young people and anyone attracted in staying somewhere a little bit different.

With a café and space to work throughout the day, a nightly basement cocktail bar, and a club, this is a lot more than just a simple hotel to lay your head at night.


This group of people, all clearly in their 20s and 30s, have transformed a former newspaper building into a space where art reigns supreme. It has only been open for two years.

A little further out towards the east of Amsterdam than you might like for a city break, its 172 hotel rooms make up for that in a cheaper price and a unique style.

Its USP for me were the special rooms, with nine designed from interior designers in the city’s most high-end area to the guy that cleans the toilet in the club upstairs.

While all include a projector, a bathtub, and all the mod cons, they do vary wildly.

I stayed, for about half an hour, in Danny’s Room. Overwhelmed by a large slightly dusty statue of a deer in the snug room, it was going for kitsch and an edge of camp.


While not to my taste (I showed pictures to my friends and they thought it was hilarious, so I could be wrong there), it turned out due to a clerical error that I was actually originally scheduled to stay in the Bathing Bikou room.


A beautiful, stunning Japanese inspired decor gives this large stately room a simple touch. Watching Archer (the projector includes Netflix and many global TV channels) in my wooden Asian bathtub was unreal – a wonderful, unforgettable experience.

I was shown other rooms during my stay, and there is everything that you can need. While some feel a little too small, the modern style of them make up for the fact this is a new hotel so is designed for current tastes.


Your style is definitely dependent on if you stay at the Volkshotel in a special room. While the Bathing Bikou room is clearly the hotel’s shining jewel, other rooms looked fantastic like the canopy room:


The movie room:


Unusually, even though the artist-designed rooms are different sizes, they are all the same price. While it’s a treat to stay in a specially designed room, I would feel a little cheated if I had paid to stay in the room with a large deer while my friend had paid the same and got something far more fantastic. Thankfully, you can pick and choose while booking.

Breakfast is upstairs on the seventh floor. The area sells itself on the view alone, a panorama of the city’s landscape.


If you’re looking for a stay in Amsterdam that is as unique and unusual as the city itself, then it has to be this one. It’s an artist’s dream, a bubble of effervescent, creative delights.

Double rooms at the Volkshotel available from €69,- a night, including all taxes. Special rooms are from €159 a night. Breakfast is an extra €10.

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