Autopsies of Pulse nightclub massacre victims released

People travel to Pulse nightclub to honor the victims of the massacre

Orlando, Florida officials are releasing the postmortems of the Pulse nightclub victims. Yesterday, 5 August, 31 autopsies were made public.

On 12 June, 49 people were killed and 53 injured at the hands of  a shooter who claimed the attack was done in the name of multiple Islamic terrorists groups.

‘It’s heartbreaking and it’s extremely difficult, but I have to know exactly what happened to my son, and I want the world to know and understand what he went through,’ Christine Leinonen said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

‘People will share my pain and realize he’s more than just a photo flashing on a screen and went through a lot of pain,’ she continued.

Her only child was killed on the gay club’s Latin night.

According to work done by the Sentinel, the reports show many of the victims were shot multiple times. Bullets struck all over the bodies, including the head, legs, chest, and back. There were a total of 130 gunshot wounds.

The reports also indicate most of the victims were not shot at close range, which means they had little time to react.

Emanuel Kapelsohn, president of The Peregrine Corp. and a firearms consultant, told the newspaper the weapon used fires bullets that can pierce a soldier’s helmet from approximately 600 meters.

‘They have tremendous wounding capability against an unarmored target,’ he said.

The remaining autopsies are scheduled to be released next week. The investigation is ongoing.

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