Activists call to ban homophobic pastor from visiting Scotland and UK

Pastor Angus Buchan
Pastor Angus Buchan

Activists say South African Pastor Angus Buchan, criticised for misogyny and homophobia, should be banned from visiting Scotland and the UK.

The pastor’s visit, who has been invited by the evangelical Hope Church, has come under strong criticism from LGBTI rights advocates.

Buchan who is of Scottish origin and originally a farmer from Zambia, preaches to tens of thousands paying participants about men should be respected and women should know their place as a “remedy” to a “crisis of masculinity,” which he deems to be the root of “social problems”, like homosexuality, in South Africa.

He has previously claimed that his prayers have cured homosexuality, illness and depression.  In a press conference in 2008 he stated: “I cannot ever agree that homosexuality is right, I cannot bless it.

“I love them though, but they need help. We have prayed for them and God has changed their hearts.”

In another interview he said: “I don‘t shy away from controversy …… Homosexuality is against the word of God. I‘m not doing this for money. I‘m doing this because God told me to”.

Buchan also runs “Mighty Men” conferences where he teaches men to “remedy” their masculinity and command their family.

In one Mighty Men’s Conference speech to a mixed-sex audience, Buchan urged wives in the audience to submit to their husbands and be more “feminine” and not to criticises their partners. In addition, he demanded that husbands physically discipline their children without their wives “interfering”.

Buchan is scheduled to speak on 22nd of August at the Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, changing £5 per ticket.

Shaine Griqua
Shaine Griqua

LGBTI rights campaigners have been very critical of the Angus Buchan’s views and visit to the UK. Shaine Griqua, who himself is a pastor, councillor in Sol Plaatje, and director of LGBTI rights organisation Legbo Northern Cape said: “I believe that men like Buchan should be educated on human rights and our South African constitution. Homosexuality can never be cured but ignorance certainly can be.

“People like Buchan are the reason why some churches fail to have an openly dialogue on LGBTI and other important social issues.  His understanding of Christianity is selective and ill-informed, crude and benighted. His unacceptable views are very damaging.”

Speaking with KaleidoScot, Melanie Nathan, Executive Director of The African Human Rights Coalition called for the pastor to be banned from entering the UK.  She said:

Melanie Nathan
Melanie Nathan

“People like Angus Buchan, who use Christianity for the purpose of conveying and spreading misogyny and homophobia, must be seen for what they are -purveyors of abuse and pain toward women and gays.

“Buchan is a great danger to those he targets with his abusive rhetoric.  It serves to hurt many while lining his pockets. There ought to be a way to stop the spread of the harm he continues to cause through his travels and to this end he should be denied entry to the UK.

“Countries which respect LGBTI rights and women’s dignity should deny Buchan a platform for the hate that do often incites abuse and violence.”

Human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, criticised the visit, telling KaleidoScot: “I am very disappointed that Hope Church invited a preacher who expressed misogynistic and homophobic views.

Peter Tatchell
Peter Tatchell

“His belief that gay people need help and can be ‘cured’ is false and harmful, as are his views about “traditional” gender-roles.

“Angus Buchan’s ideas seem far removed from Christ’s teachings of love, compassion and inclusion.”

from KaleidoScot


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