Trans woman kicked out of NYC gay bar after using bathroom

Valentine Steaphon was using women's bathroom inside gay bar Boots and Saddle in the West Village

Transgender performer Valentine Steaphon has gone public after she says she was kicked out of the New York City gay bar Boots and Saddle in the West Village after using the women’s restroom.

Boots and Saddle owners dispute Steaphon’s version of events.

Steaphan wrote on Facebook that she was confronted on Friday (5 August) by a woman who told a security guard that Steaphon’s presence in the restroom made her uncomfortable.

‘So like I’m taking a piss and walk out, there stands a cis women eye balling me. Next thing I hear before washing my hands: “Why are you in here? You don’t have a Pussy..?!”‘ Steaphan wrote.

She says a security guard was summoned and said: ‘We cater to straight women so if they feel uncomfortable with you in the bathroom, you’re the problem’ and that the woman’s friend yelled: ‘If you don’t have titties or a pussy and you aren’t trans get over it – get out of here!’

The bar said in a Facebook post on Sunday (7 August) that they spoke with eye witnesses and reviewed security footage and concluded the incident was not an issue of any gender using a restroom but a a matter of two customers fighting and disturbing the peace.

Both parties were removed from the bar.

‘Unfortunately one of the parties involved decided to post an inaccurate account of what happened on Facebook and the rest is Internet history,’ they wrote.

‘We are extremely saddened that after many years of fighting for Equality in the LGBTQ community that it has come down to the harassment of our bar, patrons & staff. We only ask that our reputation and years of hard work speak for itself.’

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