British man jailed for luring guy into car park for a ‘date’ and attacking him with a gun

This man was jailed for threatening to shoot a guy he flirted with online

A British man was jailed after luring a guy into a car park with a promise of a date and then attacking him with a gun.

Gavin Roderick, 26, had contacted a man from Bristol on FabSwingers, a dating site for couples who want to partner swap, and invited him to a Cimla car park.

When the victim turned up at the early hours of the morning on 4 June, he parked his car near Tesco supermarket.

The 26-year-old wore a hooded top, with the lower half of his face hidden by a scarf, and he approached the victim’s car and pulled a gun out of his sock.

The victim, terrified, ducked down in his seat and then accelerated the car away.

As soon as he found himself on the relative safety of a busy road, he flagged down a police car and told them about the incident.

Police went to the Roderick’s house later that day and found an air pistol in his bedroom.

He was arrested in the afternoon, according to the South Wales Evening Post.

Roderick said in court he had not been involved, saying: ‘If I wanted to hurt the victim I would have stabbed him not shot him.’

He claimed it could not have been a hate crime as he told offices he was ‘bi-curious’.

Swansea Crown Court heard how Roderick had five previous convictions for 11 offenses including two for possessing knives in a public place and others involving shoplifting.

Andrew Evans, who defended Roderick, said his client’s situation was a ‘very difficult one to interpret’ and ‘it may well be that he has desires and interests that he is struggling to come to terms with’.

Judge Paul Thomas said it was clear Roderick set a ‘trap’ for the victim.

He said the attacker ‘turned his inner-conflict outwards’ and he considered what he had done to be a hate crime.

Roderick was sentenced to three years in prison.

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