REVIEW: TWO Hotel Barcelona by Axel


Almost all the hotels in Barcelona will make any LGBTI individual feel welcome. As you quickly notice by walking around the city, there are gay people everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

The TWO Hotel by Axel is welcoming to LGBTIs and then some – it’s known for being a ‘hetero-friendly’ stopover where everyone’s welcome, although it markets itself primarily to gay men. 

As such, the best thing about the hotel is its ability to make anyone feel relaxed and respected. They place value on being 100% tolerant. The same goes for the brand’s other property in the city, Axel Hotel Barcelona.

Indeed, the staff were approachable and friendly, and any questions I had they were ready to assist me.

They also have a wealth of knowledge of all the things to do in the Gaixample district (the gay area of Barcelona) which is only a 10 minute walk from the hotel.


They pointed out all the fun bars and night-time parties that would be taking place during my stay.

This fashionable four star only opened last July, and has a modern, cosmopolitan feel throughout its design that still feels glossy and new.

The hotel also features a stylish rooftop bar and pool, where you can take in the gorgeous skyline of Barcelona.

One of their newest features is their gym, which is situated in the middle of the roof; enclosed to keep the air-conditioned temperatures inside.

The clear walls make it easy to admire and appreciate anyone who desires to have a good workout in the lovely pink-coloured facility.

Make sure to check out the entire roof or else you might miss the slightly hidden sauna that is tucked nicely away in the corner.

For more information about TWO Hotel Barcelona by Axel, visit the official website by clicking here.

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