UK dating show ‘Naked Attraction’ gets contestants to go all out for love

Do you think you can find 'the one' based on just looking at his body?

Is there a better way to find love other than through verbal communication?

Well, a new dating show by Britain’s Channel 4 called ‘Naked Attraction’ explores the possibility of finding love based on just looking at the other parties’ naked body.

The show begins with the main contestant being faced with six colored glass boxes on the centerstage.

Each box has a naked person in it but the frosted glass door hides their identity.

Then, the door slides up to reveal the lower body of each mystery person.

The contestant and the host would then proceed to appraise each person’s body. The glass doors eventually come up all the way to unveil the faces.

After evaluating all six options, the contestant picks the person they want to go on a date with.

Though the show, which started last month, tries to sell the idea of exploring the science of ‘raw primitive attraction,’ viewers say that the amount of nudity is too over the top.

The press has called it ‘blind dating in a brothel.’

One viewer said, ‘Naked Attraction is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Judging people on their bodies is just so beyond fucked up wrong. I actually feel sad.’

However, a spokesperson for the show said the program is meant to be ‘lighthearted’ and ‘aims to demystify the rules of sexual attraction’ for young daters of the ‘Tinder generation,’ reports Instinct.

What do you think of the show? If there’s a chance, would you sign up for it?

H/t: NNN

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