WATCH: There are mom issues in Transparent season 3 trailer

Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) considers facelift in new season on Transparent.

Transparent’s third season premieres on 23 September and there are some mom issues brewing in the already complicated lives of the Pfefferman family.

Amazon Prime unveiled a trailer on Monday (8 August) for the upcoming season and it opens with a birthday party for Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) who began her transition to female at age 70.

After she blows out the candles of her birthday cake, the father of three adult children reveals her wish: ‘One of the things I wished for is that you don’t call me “moppa” anymore … I thought you guys could start calling me “mom.”‘

This draws a surprised reaction from Shelly (Judith Light), Maura’s ex-wife and the mother of the three children.

We also see in other scenes Maura seeking to become the woman she envisions through gender confirmation surgery.

According to Amazon Prime’s description of the upcoming season, the Pfefferman family splinters into disparate journeys on their continued path of self-discovery.

After a jarring reality check, all paths converge on a family cruise to Mexico, affirming that though their family history is murky, each Pfefferman is their truest self when they come together.

Tambor won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy last year and is a nominee once again this year. The show is also nominated for outstanding comedy.

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