NBC refers to wife of gay Olympic volleyball player as her ‘husband’

Volleyball player Larissa França hugs her wife Liliane Maestrini after match in Rio.

An NBC announcer got confused when Brazilian beach volleyball player Larissa França hugged and kissed her wife after winning a match at the Rio Olympics this week.

The announcer told viewers during the live broadcast that the wife, Liliane Maestrini, was Franca’s ‘husband.’

Said NBC’s Chris Marlowe as he watched the post-match scene: ‘She gives a hug to Lili. That is her husband. She married Lili in 2013 and Larissa is celebrating with her pals.’

Outsports Editor Jim Buzinski caught the gaffe and writes: ‘I can only imagine that Marlowe had a brain cramp. I actually rewound the tape a few times to see if there was some man lurking in the background whom França was embracing. It was an odd moment.’

Marlowe, a veteran volleyball broadcaster, later said in a statement to Outsports: ‘I’m sorry for the mistake today. Clearly, Liliane is Larissa’s wife.’

By the way, the victory put Franca and her volleyball partner Talita Antunes in the Round of 16 of the competition.


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