REVIEW: People You May Know

People You May Know

Written and directed by  J.C. Falcón, People You May Know draws its title (and its key storyline) from the world of social media and the practice of cat-fishing – falsely using someone else’s identity to establish a romantic connection with an unsuspecting person.

Joe, Delia, Herbert, and Rodrigo are four friends who live in Los Angeles. However Delia and Rodrigo’s marriage is under strain because of their inability to have children together, and his secondment to Madrid. Meanwhile Herbert is throwing himself into his work to distract himself from his fruitless search for Mr Right, and Joe is embarking on an online romance. Ultimately all of their lives are unexpectedly turned upside-down.


  • Sean Maher as Joe
  • Andrea Grano as Delia
  • Mark Cirillo as Herbert
  • Nacho San José as Rodrigo

This is a co-production between LA Panda and Pony Films. Pony Films is a Madrid-based production company, while LA Panda is based in Los Angeles. Writer/director Falcón is Spanish. It’s an English-language film about life and love in Los Angeles but some key scenes set in Madrid.

People You May Know is a thoughtful and considered exploration of how people respond when their friendships are tested and the boundaries are renegotiated.

We spoke with writer/director J.C. Falcón for a behind-the-scenes look at the film:

What was the inspiration for this story?

Events that happened to people around me triggered this story. I usually joke with my friends and tell them – be careful when I am around because your story one day could be on the screen.

Have you ever been cat-fished yourself?

Sure, who hasn’t?

What was the production process like?

Well, it was really exciting since this is my first American movie. Although most of the process is the same as in Spain, there were some aspects that were new for me from which I learned very much.

To get to the final draft it took me around nine months to write the script.

Fortunately it didn’t take too long to secure the funding as the investors said yes as soon as they read the script. They were looking for this kind of story so it was the perfect timing for us.

As an independent movie with a tight budget we had less time for filming than usual. The whole crew was very involved in the project and we all worked really hard to meet the schedule.

What was the casting process like?

Pau Brunet (Executive Producer) and I talked a lot about the profile of every actor that our story needed. He did a great job searching for the proper actors and we got them! They all are great in the movie.

What do you hope people feel when watching this film?

When I watch a movie I want to feel something, whether that is happiness, sadness, or anger. However, what I most look for in a film is to keep feeling and thinking about the story the following days. If people as soon as they get out of the theatre don’t mention in conversation what they just watched, you didn’t make a good work.

What’s the reception been like so far to the film?

Our only screening, so far, took place at qFlix in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. I was nervous of the audience reaction but it was, I must say, incredible. There was a Q&A afterwards and their feedback and comments were really nice. It was awesome to have people come to greet and thank me for the work the day after. It was such an amazing feeling.

People You May Know is distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures.

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