WATCH: Trailer for True Life: We Are Orlando about Pulse survivors

Four of the 53 people injured in Pulse nightclub massacre are featured in MTV special.

They escaped with their lives two months ago today after a gunman burst into the gay nightclub Pulse and shot 49 people to death.

But the survivors of the 12 June massacre in Orlando, Florida, have physical and emotional scars that they continue to struggle with each day.

The journeys of four of them are the focus an a special edition of MTV’s True Life titled We Are Orlando airing on 15 August.

‘We weren’t in Orlando for 24 hours and my life has changed for the rest of my life, ‘ says one of the female survivors.

One of the males profiled says: ‘Nobody should go through something like this ever in their life.’

He adds: ‘People think that because I got released from the hospital that I’m okay. But I’m not okay. I have a hole in my back!’

Another man addresses the psychological scars: ‘The memory of the gunshots and screams keep me up at night. And when I finally do go to sleep, the events of that night keep replaying over and over again.’

The gunman was shot to death by police after committing the largest mass shooting in US history.


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