Gus Kenworthy, Tyler Oakley condemn journalist for outing gay athletes at Rio

Gus Kenworthy holding his silver during the medal ceremony of the 2014 Olympic men's freestyle

Twitterverse exploded yesterday when an article written by a Daily Beast journalist included details that could possibly out closeted gay athletes at the Rio Olympics.

Nico Hines, who was sent by the Daily Beast to the Games, went on gay dating apps such as Grindr to convince athletes to hit on him in the Olympic village.

In the original article which has since been edited, Hines detailed the nationality and sport of the athletes whom he had ‘tricked’ into conversing.

Gus Kenworthy, six-time world champion skier who’s also an Olympic silver medalist, condemned the article and called it ‘shitty.’


Our favorite gay YouTuber Tyler Oakley slammed the journalist and the website for their lack of respect for LGBTQ+ people:


He added that safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people are constantly threatened, not without referencing to the Pulse nightclub shooting which killed and injured more than a hundred back in June.


Journalists, writers and editors from various news and publishing sites have also come out shaming Hines and the Daily Beast for the writing.




And the best tweet came from this Twitter user:

John Avlon, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Beast, has since responded to the criticism by saying: ‘Sorry for any upset the original version of this piece inspired.’

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