Simone Biles fangirling over Zac Efron is all of us

Zac Efron gives the ultimate dream-come-true for Simone Biles

Like all of us, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles of Team USA is a big fan of Zac Efron, and at this Rio Olympics, she got some very special love from the hunky actor.

The 19-year-old gymnast first publicly talked about her crush on Zac Efron a few months back when she was on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

The cheeky host even presented Simone with a leotard covered in Zac Efron’s face.

simone_biles_zac_efron simone_biles_zac_efron1


And then about a month before the Olympics, Zac Efron tweeted Simone, sending her his blessings.


Yaassss Simone, we totally feel you. #Blessed #Crying

And during this week’s games, Zac Efron reached out to Simone again, and netizens went totally nuts about this blossoming mutual-fanboying-and-fangirling-thing going on between these two beautiful beings.


Simone later tweeted this, and we are tots feeling it too:


And then Zac Efron sent the Team USA girls the ultimate support they need:

Our. Heart. *burst*

Simone and her team mates went on to snatch the first place with their dominant performance at the games on Wednesday.



Yes, we are 100% shipping Zac x Simone.

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