WATCH: Gigi Gorgeous shares emotional vlog about being detained in Dubai for being trans

Gigi Gorgeous is a transgender YouTuber and activist

Popular transgender YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous shared a vlog with her 2.3million subscribers about being detained at the Dubai airport and being denied entry into the United Arab Emirates because she is transgender.

She filmed the vlog while she was being held at the Dubai airport with her passport taken away by the immigration office.

The 24-year-old said that she had waited around two hours before being told that she’s not allowed into the country.

‘I have absolutely no criminal record, I have never done anything wrong, I have a new fresh passport, what now?’ the YouTube star said. ‘[My bodyguard] told me, it’s because you’re transgender, and they don’t like that here, or allow that.’

She added that she started crying upon hearing the news, and almost had a panic attack.

‘It’s so not fair, and it’s so sad,’ she said.



Gigi slammed the discrimination she faced and expressed great disappointment as she had really wanted to visit the country.

‘So disappointing that such a beautiful city has such a backwards way of thinking. I will sadly never be going back there again after how I was treated,’ she also wrote on her Instagram post.

She had since flown from Dubai to Stockholm, Sweden.

A photo posted by GIGI GORGEOUS 👸🏼 (@gigigorgeous) on Aug 11, 2016 at 7:56am PDT


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