Here’s What Jesus Would Think About Major Issues Facing America (According To American Voters)

The U.S. is a diverse country, particularly in the faith and beliefs of its citizens. Even with a nearly 80% Christian-identified population, opinions about certain values and social issues vary dramatically.

If Jesus were were alive today and one of the 300,000,000

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Peter Tatchell: David Cameron should speak out about homophobia before Commonwealth Games

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Peter Tatchell has called on David Cameron to speak out about homophobia in the Commonwealth, ahead of the Commonwealth Games next week.

A rally will be held outside Downing Street on Wednesday, organised by African LGBTI Out & Proud Diamond Group, and supported by the Peter Tatchell Foundation, to protest continuing anti-gay laws.

42 of the 53 Commonwealth member countries currently criminalise homosexuality, with penalties up to life imprisonment in at least seven member states.

Tatchell said: “We are appealing to Prime Minister David Cameron to speak out against homophobia and transphobia in the Commonwealth in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games.

“We also want him to express his public support for Article 7 of the Commonwealth Games Federation constitution, which prohibits any form of discrimination – including discrimination in athlete selection for the national teams.

“Given the extreme homophobia and transphobia in most Commonwealth countries, it is very unlikely that most national selection committees would allow a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or inter-sex (LGBTI) athlete to compete at Glasgow.

“David Cameron can help by making clear that such discrimination is incompatible with Commonwealth Games values and rules.

“We want the Prime Minister to give a lead and set a positive tone by publicly declaring that anti-LGBT persecution is a violation of the Commonwealth Charter and that LGBTI athletes will be welcome in Glasgow.

“He should make clear that the UK government is willing to give asylum to LGBTI athletes who are at risk of victimisation in their county of origin.”

Edwin Sesange of the Diamond Group said: “Far from moving towards equality, we have seen many Commonwealth countries witch-hunt their LGBTI citizens and even tougher anti-gay laws have been recently legislated in countries like Uganda, Brunei and Nigeria.

“Britain imposed most of the existing anti-gay laws in Commonwealth nations when it was the colonial power in the nineteenth century. Homosexuality was not illegal in these countries prior to British colonisation.

“Britain has been part of the problem. Therefore it should be part of the solution by challenging homophobia and transphobia in the Commonwealth. David Cameron should show leadership by taking a stand against the victimisation of LGBTI people and promoting the universal human rights values of the Commonwealth Charter.”

The Commonwealth Games begin next Wednesday, July 23.

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Everything We Know About Amazon’s New Series ‘Transparent’

When Amazon Studios unveiled its new pilots in February, one stood out as a promising potential series for not only the streaming service, but for all TV in general.

“Transparent,” created, directed and written by Jill Soloway (“Six Feet Under”) follows Mort (Jeffrey Tambor), who is undergoing his transition to becoming Maura and attemps to reveal his new identity to his self-occupied children, played by Gaby Hoffmann, Jay Duplass and Amy Landecker. The pilot was picked up to series by Amazon and the show is currently filming. Soloway and the cast appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, July 12, to reveal some new things about the show. This is everything we know so far:

All 10 half-hour episodes will be released at once in September.
Watch out Netflix; Amazon will pose some serious competition. All 10 episodes of “Transparent” will be released at once for your binging pleasure in just a couple months.

Gillian Vigman’s role was recast.
In the pilot, Vigman played Tammy, the ex-girlfriend of Sarah (Landecker). Soloway said at the press tour that since Vigman is “super duper pregnant” they had to recast her with Melora Hardin from “The Office.” Her scenes have been reshot. Here’s the new Tammy and Sarah:

Carrie Brownstein will play Gaby Hoffmann’s best friend.
We don’t think there could be a better casting match for Hoffmann’s onscreen BFF, much less for the series in general, than Carrie Brownstein. The “Portlandia” actress reportedly joined the show last month in the role of Syd.

Kathryn Hahn will appear as a rabbi.

Jay Duplass originally turned down the part of Josh.
The writer, director, actor said at the TCA panel that he was at first just helping Soloway cast the role of Josh. When she said she wanted him, he said no to the part, but once he did a reading he said it was the “most natural and freeing” experience he’s ever had in film and TV.

Jeffrey Tambor is the only Jewish cast member.
“Transparent” may be about a Jewish family, but Saturday’s panel revealed that Tambor’s the only Jewish one in real life.

According to Soloway, “there has never been a Jewier Transier show on television.”

Soloway wants to subvert the Disney trope of a parent dying.
The death of a parent is a big theme in Disney movies, but Soloway’s idea for “Transparent” was driven from her desire to subvert this with a new concept: the birth of a new parent. “The idea of replacing a wounded father by blossoming femininity would be an interesting source of comedy,” Soloway said.

The series isn’t low-budget.
Soloway said that the budget for “Transparent” was bigger than what she’s gotten for some films. The cast also mentioned that their salaries are equal to what they’d be on a network show. Soloway also described it as more of an indie film than a web series.

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Musician And Former Athlete Will Sheridan Opens Up About Coming Out And More

This month, Akil Patterson of Athlete Ally sat down with Will Sheridan as he prepared to host one of New York’s hottest events, Westgay. Will was also selected to be the Grand Marshal for Chicago Pride last month.

Akil Patterson: Will, it’s great to finally meet you face to face here, even better that we get to do this right before you host one of New York’s hottest parties, WestGay.
Will Sheridan: Yes, totally!

Akil Patterson: With the announcement of so many LGBT athletes of color coming out in these last few months, like Brittany Grinner and Michael Sam, I thought that this would be a perfect time to reflect on the legacy of athletes that came out before them such, as Roy Simmons of the NFL New York Giants and Glenn Burke of the Oakland A’s. I came out while playing college football, while you came out to your teammates while playing at Villanova.

Tell me about that first moment when you said the words,

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