US: Jose Antonio Vargas, an out gay undocumented activist, has been released by Border Patrol

Jose Antonio Vargas was released by Texas Border Patrol Tuesday after being detained because of his undocumented status Share on WhatsApp 1 reader comment

Jose Antonio Vargas, a noted LGBT rights and undocumented rights activist, was released late Tuesday after being held by Texas Border Patrol.

Vargas was detained for several hours in McAllen, Texas after attempting to board a plane to Los Angeles with his Philippine passport and pocketbook US Constitution as his only documents for security.

Vargas was released with a notice to appear before an immigration judge.

In a statement posted on Define American, Vargas said:

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US: Jose Antonio Vargas, an out gay undocumented activist, currently detained in Texas

Jose Antonio Vargas has been detained at the Texas border (Image: Ryan Grim) Share on WhatsApp 0 reader comments

Jose Antonio Vargas, a noted activist for both LGBT rights and the rights of undocumented people, has been detained by Border Patrol in McAllen, Texas after attempting to board a plane to Los Angeles.

Immigration Equality said in a press release that Vargas, an out gay undocumented immigrant, is in danger of being deported and is currently being held at a detention center that is not safe for LGBT immigrants.

He originally traveled to the border in support of United We Dream and the Minority Affairs Council, who have been working to aid refugee children who have fled countries in Central America due to increased levels of violence.

Early Tuesday, Vargas tweeted:

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Anti-gay activist: Gays just want a ‘cheap orgasm’ and can’t handle being ‘real men’

LaBarbera is the founder and president of the anti-gay ‘Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’. Get the latest LGBT headlines in your inbox with our free daily newsletter! Join Topics HomophobiaAnti-gaypresident obamaPeter LaBarberaAmericans for Truth About HomosexualityAFTAHJames David Manning Share on WhatsApp 14 reader comments

An American anti-gay activist has taken to the airwaves to say that men who have sex with men are just looking for a

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Florida activist: Legalising same-sex marriage would be like lynching people

Eladio Jose Armesto compared same-sex marriage to lynching Share on WhatsApp 4 reader comments

A Florida anti-gay activist has claimed that a judge would be “judicially lynching” people if she legalised same-sex marriage.

Yesterday, Judge Sarah Zabel heard arguments in a case brought by six same-sex couples aiming to strike down the state’s marriage ban.

At a protest outside the court, Eladio Jose Armesto, of the Florida Democratic League, said: “No one can rule against the constitution.

“She would be doing no more or no less than the Ku Klux Klan did in the early part of the last century, where they hanged people for going out to vote.

“The people of Florida have voted. The judge is able to respect that vote, uphold the rule of law and uphold the constitution.

“This is nothing more than a judicial lynching of the people of Florida.

“This is a mockery of justice, it’s a travesty. The judge should have thrown this lawsuit out because it violates her authority, her dignity, and her integrity as a member of the judiciary.

“I do not know what she is going to do. I do hope that she will uphold her oath of office, otherwise she will be in great trouble.”

The Florida Democratic Party has previously threatened the group with legal action, after Armesto claimed to be affiliated with the party.

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