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US: Study finds employers discriminate in favour of straight applicants

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A study conducted by the Equal Rights Centre and Freedom to Work concludes that employers favour applications from straight applicants.

Researchers applied for 100 jobs with US federal contractors using fictional pairs of CVs.

The pairs of CVs were similar except one listed the applicant’s leadership role in an LGBT-rights NGO and the other listed a role in a non-LGBT NGO.

According to the researchers, the LGBT CVs were designed to be stronger in several respects, better grades and work experience for example.

Despite this, the LGBT ‘applicants’ were 23% less likely to be called to interview.

The eight federal contractors were chosen because, according to the Williams Institute, as of 2012, seven of them did not have non-discrimination policies in place for sexual orientation.

The eighth, Exxon Mobil, was chosen because its shareholders have repeatedly rejected the inclusion of LGBT individuals in their anti-discrimination policies.

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