Peter LaBarbera Slams Doctors Who Perform Gender Confirmation Surgery, ‘LGBT Tyranny’

last week, arguing that doctors who perform gender confirmation surgeries were “exploiting” their patients.

“This is one of the most grotesque things,” LaBarbera, who claimed to have attended a “transgender conference,” said in a broadcast, as Right Wing Watch first reported. Doctors who work with transgender patients, he added, “need to go to jail, this is almost the most analogous thing to the abortionist on that issue I can think of.”

Listen to audio of LaBarbera’s remarks below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, below:

LaBarbera, of course, didn’t stop there. He also took time to address the Hobby Lobby controversy, arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling could be applicable to the case of Elane Photography, which violated New Mexico’s Human Rights Act by refusing to photograph a lesbian couple’s wedding ceremony.

“They want to force that Christian photographer … using the state, to do something they cannot do because of their Christian beliefs,” he said. “That’s where we’re talking about LGBT tyranny.”

LaBarbera has been in the headlines frequently as of late. Last week, he penned an open letter to the NFL’s Michael Sam, suggesting that the St. Louis Rams’ defensive end seek reparative, or “ex-gay,” therapy.

He also accused President Barack Obama and his administration of being “obsessed” with homosexuality, an argued that gay men wanted “the cheap orgasm” in lieu of marrying a woman and having children, as any “real man” would, in an interview with Pastor James David Manning.

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Italy LGBT groups celebration introduction of Facebook custom gender options

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A leading LGBT rights organisation in Italy has hailed the announcement that Facebook is to introduce custom gender options.

Arcigay commented on Friday to say that the options are “a major breakthrough”, and “a needed injection of knowledge into Italian culture,” reports Ansa.

“It’s a major breakthrough that allows many people who do not recognize the limiting choice of male and female to feel included in the largest social network world,” Flavio Romani, Arcigay president, said.

“This initiative gives us the opportunity to bring back the issue of gender identity to individual and self-determined choices. “Scrolling through a list that includes more terms means adding culture and injecting knowledge in an area in which Italy is still fighting to open a serious debate”.

“People in Italy will finally have the chance to get out of the cage of binary sexuality and define their own gender identity by choosing one of the many selections or creating one”, Ottavia Voza, Arcigay’s trans representative said.

The option, first launched for US users in February, aims to provide more choices for users to express their gender.

The feature initially launched with around 50 pre-selected gender options

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France: Government abandons teaching gender equality after boycott

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The French government has cancelled school lessons that aimed to fight gender stereotypes.

Many parents had taken their children out of school in protest at the lessons.

The ABCD of Equality program was launched last September and trialled at 275 schools.

The government said the lessons were to promote equality and deconstruct prejudice.

Education minister Benoit Haman told France Inter radio: “We want to prevent anyone from forming the conviction at school that there would be… jobs and training and diplomas for girls, and jobs and training and diplomas for boys.”

The program was opposed by an alliance including the far-right National Front – who came first in the country’s European elections last month – alongside the Catholic Church and Muslim religious leaders.

Opponents said the lessons were teaching children that there were no differences between boys and girls and that this was dangerous.

The government has denied teaching gender theory or that there are no innate differences between boys and girls.

Parents organised school boycotts by text message and up to 40% of pupils were missing in some schools on boycott days.

France’s Minister of Women’s Rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, told France 3 television that the scheme’s replacement would be an “improved” version of the original and would apply to all schools.

Teaching unions have said that fears over the scheme are unfounded but that the hostile reaction to the program has put teachers in a difficult position.

France legalised same-sex marriage last April despite heavy opposition.

Probably as a result of this controversy, homophobic violence rose by 78% this year.

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Trans youth residential seeks to create safe space for all gender identities

The summer residential aims to cater for at least 20 trans young people 0 reader comments

A yearly residential camping programme run by Gendered Intelligence is going ahead this summer, and seeks crowdfunding to allow trans youth members to attend.

Run by Gendered Intelligence, the residential aims to address issues faced by trans young people when signing up to summer camping trips.

The majority of summer residential are segregated by gender, limit options for trans young people in terms of social interaction, and create potentially awkward situations.

The Gendered Intelligence programme includes kayaking, raft building, games and outdoor skills-building activities. It aims to provide a safe space for all gender identities whilst avoiding any awkward situations.

“Our summer residential really gives our young trans members a safe space to be themselves and a chance to have a positive experience with other trans youth, to make new friends and to strengthen old ones. Come rain or shine the most fun will be had cooking over an open fire, having heart to hearts, laughing and bonding. It just may be that this quite simple opportunity for our young people could actually be life changing,

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Iranian lesbian: Authorities tried to ‘fix’ my sexuality by forcing me to have gender reassignment surgery

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An Iranian lesbian has said the country’s authorities tried to force her into having gender reassignment surgery to “fix” her sexuality.

The woman, known as Sara, said she was ordered to undergo the “treatment” by a psychologist, after coming out to her family, aged 20.

Sara told Reuters: “At first it was difficult. They tried to convince me that I was wrong and made an appointment with a psychologist.”

“She said I was really a man in a woman’s body and I had to change my body to suit my personality.

“My sister had brought a photo along, (taken when) I was maybe 5 years old. I was wearing boy’s clothes and had a toy gun in my hand and the psychologist emphasised that this photo showed that I was a man.

“I was shocked because I had never wanted to be a man and I really liked my body. I had never had problems with my female body. I had emotions towards girls, rather than boys, but I could only imagine myself as a girl loving another girl, not as a man.”

According to a report by Justice for Iran and 6 Rang, Sara’s practice is common, and lesbians are regularly told to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

6Rang founder Shadi Amin said: “Most healthcare professionals in Iran believe homosexuality is a form of mental illness. Lesbians and gays are often told they have gender identity disorder.”

“The doctors who do this are not specialists for transsexuals. Any surgeon or gynaecologist can do it.”

Sara added: “They say homosexuality is a sin. If you are interested in the same sex you have to change. They only accept male-female relationships. If you love a woman, you have to be a man.

“Most of my friends have not come out to their families even if they are not religious at all. One of my friends said if her family knew about her sexual orientation they could kill her.”

Both male and female homosexuality are illegal in Iran, but while men could face the death penalty for a sodomy charge, for lesbians the death penalty is only extended to repeat offenders.

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Norway’s health minister promises to improve gender recognition laws

The Minister’s announcement came after he was presented with a petition from Amnesty International. Get the latest LGBT headlines in your inbox with our free daily newsletter! Join 0 reader comments

Norway’s Minister for Health, Bent Høie, has promised to improve transgender rights by changing the country’s outdated system of gender recognition.

Earlier this week, Mr Høie, who was Norway’s official representative to the Sochi Paralympic Games, which he attended with his husband, received a petition from Amnesty International calling on him to improve the laws for transgender people in Norway.

Speaking to national broadcasting NRK shortly afterwards, Høie acknowledged that the current system is

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