Wikipedia holds Pride ‘edit-a-thons’ to improve LGBT-related content

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Wikipedia has launched a series of editing events, to improve LGBT-related information across the website.

Beginning in June, states around the US began hosting edit-a-thons, gatherings where individuals congregate to edit Wikimedia projects to include a wide variety and grater scope of LGBT related information.

The page

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Spain: One million take part in ‘Europe’s largest’ Pride in Madrid

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Over a millionpeople took part in Madrid Pride yesterday, in what organisers claim is Europe’s largest LGBT Pride parade.

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Ukraine: Kyiv Pride organisers condemn authorities for cancelling event

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The organisers of Kyiv Pride have attacked the Ukrainian authorities for forcing the cancellation of the event.

Kyiv Pride was due to take place yesterday, but was cancelled at the last minute after authorities claimed they could not guarantee the security of participants.

The first ever Pride in Kyiv took place last year, attracting more than a hundred participants, despite efforts by a “very small” number of people to disrupt the event.

Cancelling yesterday’s event, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko claimed that this was not the time for “entertainment events” in Ukraine, following unrest in the country.

Olena Shevchenko, co-chair of the organizing committee of Kyiv 2014 Pride said: “Kyiv Mayor Klitschko’s statement that this is not the right time for a celebration is a huge disappointment. He should have a better understanding of what a demand for equality is. You can’t have a hierarchy of human rights.

“It seems like it’s never really the right time for LGBT rights… Our March of Equality is not a carnival. This is a human rights march.

“But we are forced to cancel the meeting, as we heard from the authorities that they would not guarantee the safety of people who come in March.”

Brian Dooley of Human Rights First said: “The country is confronted with many challenges – fighting a war in the east, organizing a new government, and responding to Russian aggression but peaceful freedom of assembly cannot be denied, even in times of crisis.”

“For all of its talk about sharing European values the new Ukrainian government has failed a major human rights test today.

“The U.S. Government should make clear publicly to the Ukrainian authorities that peaceful freedom of assembly should be respected for all.”

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UK: Police release CCTV footage of Birmingham Pride attack

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Police have released CCTV footage of an attack at Birmingham Pride, and have appealed for help to find a suspect.

The clip shows a man in a purple t-shirt and hat attacking a woman, grabbing her by the neck and throwing her to the flow.

Police have been unable to identify the perpetrator of the attack, which took place during the Pride festival on 25 May, just after 6pm on Hurst Street.

Digbeth police Sergeant Jonathan Beach said: “This was an unprovoked assault at a time when everyone was enjoying this immensely popular event.

“It happened in the middle of a large crowd with many witnesses. The attacker was wearing a distinctive purple cap and a purple T-shirt.

“I am sure that someone will know who he is and I would urge them to contact me.”

The man is described as around 5 foot 6 inches tall and black.

Anyone with information about the attack should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or Sgt Beach on 101.

Watch the clip below – WARNING for violent assault.

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Video: Uber celebrates Pride by marrying 8 gay and straight couples

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Transport firm Uber has celebrated the anniversary of marriage equality in California by providing free weddings to eight couples, gay and straight.

The company – that provides minicab services in San Francisco – held the special ‘UberWedding’ event for Pride last weekend.

Some might say it’s a PR stunt, but we couldn’t possibly comment.

They wrote: “We’re thankful to be based in San Francisco, a city that recognizes love doesn’t have to look any certain way.

“In honour of Pride week, we’re celebrating the inclusive idea that love is love with something that lasts a lifetime.

“This Saturday, weddings are on demand. Whether you and your partner have considered tying the knot for years or are just feeling a spark of spontaneity

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