Colombia: Trans women form football club and hold own ‘World Cup’

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A group of trans women have formed an all-trans football club to celebrate the World Cup.

According to a report from Vocativ, the trans women concocted the club as a way to combat transphobia.

Trans leader Mariana said: “With the World Cup, we are honouring and are proud of Colombia.

“We are trans, but we are still Colombians, and we want to be involved in Colombian society.”

“Trans people get treated badly

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12 Amazing Images That Remind Everyone Women Are The Bosses Of Their Bodies

Women around the world represent a rich mosaic of experiences and expressions, but the one belief that unifies the sisterhood: Don’t you dare tell a woman what to do with her body.

That resounding message became clear to Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti after her series illustrating female empowerment quickly spread from her circle of Facebook friends to women across the globe. It’s already been translated into 16 different languages by friends and fans.

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US: Trans women told to remove ‘wigs and makeup’ for driver’s license photo

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Two West Virginia trans women were ordered to remove their wigs, makeup and jewellery in order to take photos for their driver’s licenses.

Kristen Skinner, 45, went to the Charles Town Department of Motor Vehicles in West Virginia in order to change her license name in line with her legal name change, but was met with hostility, and was ordered told to remove her “wig”, despite not wearing one.

52-year-old trans woman Trudy Kitzmiller visited the Martinsburg DMV, also in West Virginia. in order to get a new license after changing her name.

She was referred to as “it”, and ordered her to take off her makeup, wig and jewellery for the photo.

Kitzmiller said: “This is who I am

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