Michael Sam Gives Emotional Speech At ESPYs After Receiving 2014 Arthur Ashe Courage Award

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Chris Kluwe threatens to take Vikings to court, after refusal to release report into homophobia

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Outspoken advocate of gay rights and retired NFL star, Chris Kluwe, will take his former team to court, after it reneged on promises to release the findings of an investigation into whether his dismissal last year was due to his support for the LGBT community.

Kluwe starred as a punter for the Minnesota Vikings from 2005 to 2012. He is an outspoken advocate of gay rights and particularly of gay marriage, and has previously stated that he supports the gay community simply because

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US: Pansexual college student fundraises tuition after being cut off by family

Kate Koenig is attempting to crowdfund her college tuition after being cut off by her family for being pansexual Share on WhatsApp 0 reader comments

A pansexual student at the University of Pittsburgh is crowdfunding her tuition expenses after being cut off by her family because of her sexual orientation.

Kate Koenig told HuffPost Live that she was cut off by her family after they found her online blog where she stated she was pansexual and dating a transgender man.

She says her first worry after being cut off was how she was going to pay for school. On her GoFundMe page, Koenig says she has search for loans without co-signers, but could not find one.

Koenig, who plans to study English, German, and history, plans to spend the upcoming fall semester at a community college due to her current inability to cover tuition at the University of Pittsburgh.

She is currently trying to raise $15,000 (

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After Dark: Linda Simpson, Drag Queen Celebrity And Nightlife Personality

This is ninth installment in HuffPost Gay Voices Associate Editor James Nichols’ ongoing series “After Dark: NYC Nightlife Today And Days Past” that examines the state of New York nightlife in the modern day, as well as the development and production of nightlife over the past several decades. Each featured individual in this series currently serves as a prominent person in the New York nightlife community or has made important contributions in the past that have sustained long-lasting impacts.

HuffPost Gay Voices believes that it is important and valuable to elevate the work, both today and in the past, of those engaged in the New York nightlife community, especially in an age where queer history seems to be increasingly forgotten. Nightlife not only creates spaces for queers and other marginalized groups to be artistically and authentically celebrated, but the work of those involved in nightlife creates and shapes the future of our culture as a whole. Visit Gay Voices regularly to learn not only about individuals currently making an impact in nightlife, but those whose legacy has previously contributed to the ways we understand queerness, art, identity and human experience today.

The Huffington Post: How did you make your entry into the New York Nightlife scene and come to embody Linda Simpson as a persona?
Linda Simpson: One of the main reasons I moved from Minnesota to New York in the 1980s was to indulge in nightlife. My favorite places included Danceteria, Area and the walk-on-the-wild side bars in Times Square. As the decade progressed, AIDS wiped out much of gay culture, and the atmosphere became very depressing and fearful. In 1986, I began publishing a campy underground gay magazine called My Comrade. The emphasis was on gay love, power and unity. The stars were East Village drag queens and sexy guys as heroic leaders battling homophobia. I began doing drag myself for some of the magazine’s parties.

Talk to me about your time at the legendary Pyramid Club — how did this community of artists and performers shape and mold who you are today?
The Pyramid was very thrilling back then because it was the world headquarters for an entirely newfangled way of drag. Practically everywhere else drag was dull — serious queens in gowns lip syncing to Barbra Streisand. But the Pyramid was kooky and punky postmodernism. To me, the scene seemed very much in the spirit of Andy Warhol’s Factory, with a whole new slew of superstars, including Lady Bunny, Tabboo!, Dean Johnson, Sister Dimension and Hapi Phace.

Everyone had their own unique identity, yet shared a similar off-beat bohemian gay sensibility. At first, I was happy to partake as a fan. Later I came to the realization that it was time for me to join the ranks of the queens. I’m very grateful to the Pyramid

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Australia: Sports commentator to keep job after calling player a ‘big poofter’

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A sports commentator will be allowed to stay on the air, after he referred to a player as a “big poofter”.

Channel Seven’s Australian Football League commentator Brian Taylor made the remark during the run-up to a Sydney v Carlton game yesterday, when footage was played of Geelong player Harry Taylor celebrating his 150th match.

Interrupting the pre-match presenters, he said: “I don’t know whether you guys down there can hear me or not… I am up here getting ready for the game and I’ve just seen that crap from Harry

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Openly gay Hollyoaks star hits back at ‘homophobic’ abuse after football mix-up

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An openly gay Hollyoaks star has said that he a large number of homophobic messages after it was mistakenly reported he was joining a football team.

Speaking on Gaydio, Kieron Richardson, who plays Ste Hay on the soap, said he was besieged with messages after the mix up.

He said: “It’s made me feel very sad for the past couple of days.

“I share the same name as a footballer who signed for Aston Villa on Friday.

“Sky Sports were talking about this story and used my photograph instead of the footballer Kieran Richardson. Also, Aston Villa Official – their website – used the same photograph.

“At first I didn’t think anything of it and thought it was quite funny, until I went onto my Twitter feed and people genuinely thought I’d left Hollyoaks and signed for Aston Villa.

“Being openly gay,

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