Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: I’m a spendaphobe, not a homophobe

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has dodged questions about whether he is homophobic, claiming to be a “spendaphobe” instead.

Mayor Rob Ford recently returned from a two-month stint in rehab, following revelations that he had been caught smoking crack cocaine, drink-driving and injecting heroin during his term of office.

In his first week back at work, he has refused to join a standing ovation to praise the organisers of WorldPride Toronto, and voted against a council proposal to help homeless LGBT teens.

Ford was the only person on the entirety of Toronto City Council to vote against the proposal, leading it to pass with 37 in favour, and 1 against.

Asked whether he’s actively homophobic this week, he replied: “I’m a spendaphobe, that’s what I am.

“Let’s talk about how much money I’ve saved the taxpayers and I got subways built. And I contracted out garbage. You don’t want to talk about that, do you?

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, the only openly gay member of the council, said previously: “The mayor is homophobic. He’s consistent.

“He’s done everything he can to demonstrate this is a community he doesn’t care about.

“He has done everything he can to destroy his relationships with the LGBT community.”

The council has voted to transfer some of Ford’s powers to the city’s Deputy Mayor, but he refuses to stand down from his post, and they do not have the authority to force him to do so.

Ford is currently running for re-election, with a ballot set for October 27, 2014.

Recent polling has Ford on 21%, trailing former councillor Olivia Chow, and former Progressive Conservative leader John Tory.

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President Nixon on tape: I’m tolerant of gays, but they destroyed Greece and Rome

President Nixon was in office between 1969 and 1974, when, following the Watergate Scandal, he became the first ever president to resign. Get the latest LGBT headlines in your inbox with our free daily newsletter! Join Topics presidentroman empireNixonpresident richard nixonAncient Greekaudiotapes Share on WhatsApp 26 reader comments

Audio clips of former President Richard Nixon have been released, in which he explains that he is “tolerant” of gays – and says they are “born that way” – but warns that homosexuality has a damaging and destructive effect on society.

The newly-restored clips have been shared by Vanity Fair as publicity for a forthcoming book on Nixon’s first term, which is being written by Vanity Fair contributing editor Douglas Brinkley and historian Luke A. Nichter.

President Nixon initially seems quite progressive for the time:

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Republican John Boehner: I’m suing Obama over his ‘flippant dismissal’ of the Constitution

John Boehner has defended his decision to sue the President Share on WhatsApp 25 reader comments

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives has defended his decision to sue President Obama over his “abuse” of executive orders.

Last month, Obama confirmed plans to sign an executive order banning anti-gay workplace discrimination, after the Employment Non-Discrimination Act was stalled by Speaker John Boehner in the House of Representatives.

Boehner subsequently announced last week that he plans to file a lawsuit against the President for

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RuPaul: I’m ready for a UK version of Drag Race

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Drag artist RuPaul has backed a British version of reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Presenter Jonathan Ross revealed earlier this year that he was working on a UK version of the show, which would feature RuPaul and DJ Jodie Harsh.

Speaking to DragOfficial, Michelle Visage, who serves as a judge on the US show, said of Ross: “He’s a huge fan of the show and he believes what I believe – that people want you.

“The people don’t want another drag queen, 100%. And when I told him that you were down to do it, he was like ‘What?! This changes everything. Absolutely!’

“This is the way it’s supposed to be

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Katy B: I’m not gay, but everyone thinks I am

Katy B says she is only an ‘honorary’ gay Share on WhatsApp 2 reader comments

Singer Katy B has said that people constantly assume she is a lesbian, because she has lesbian friends.

The ‘Crying For No Reason’ singer told Digital Spy that people often try to ‘out’ her, after seeing her in lesbian clubs.

She said: “One of my best friends is gay, so I’m always going with her to lesbian nights.

“Everyone always comments to me

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