‘Chelsea rent boys’ football chant accused of homophobia amid World Cup furore

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Football chants dubbed homophobic by some were widely reported at this summer’s World Cup, but similar chants have been heard in the UK for decades without attracting any attention.

At this summer’s World Cup, chants of “puto” (male prostitute) rung out, mainly from fans of Brazil and Mexico. FIFA have let the chants go unpunished and were criticised for their leniency by LGBT rights groups who called the chants homophobic.

A very similar chant, however, has been common in the Premier League for decades without attracting the same media attention.

The “Chelsea rent boys” song is rumored to have originated in the 1980s after newspapers reported that, in a dawn raid by police, a Chelsea hooligan was found in bed with a male prostitute (known in Britain as a “rent boy”).

Rival fans of Chelsea football club then adapted the Chelsea Headhunters (a notorious hooligan firm) threatening song “Chelsea aggro” to “Chelsea rent boys” and the song is still sometimes sung at matches. According to some Chelsea fans, it has even become more popular since the late 1990s.

YouTube contains hundreds of videos of the chant, usually directed at an individual player.

Despite the FA claiming to have made progress in tackling homophobia in football, there has been no action taken against clubs whose fans sing the song.

Chelsea fans claim the song is sung predominately by teams from Liverpool and Manchester and footage on Youtube seems to back this up.

Tim Rolls, is the chair of the Chelsea Supporters Trust and said he has reported the chants to stewards at Manchester City’s Etihad stadium and Liverpool’s Anfield stadium.

“At the former,” he said, “they just laughed and, at the latter, I was told that the stewards in our section were policing us, not Liverpool supporters, and that if I persisted in complaining I would be ejected from the ground.”

“I am not aware of stewards taking action against the chants at any ground.”

Chris Taylor is a Manchester United fan who used to sing the song.

“I used to sing it in the late 1990s. It always got an airing at Old Trafford. I didn’t even think about the meaning behind it, I just sang it because everyone else did,” he said. “Then I grew up. It’s a horrible song,”

Other Manchester United fans have defended the chant on forums.

One claims that the chant is directed against Chelsea for two reasons. Firstly, because the nearby Earl’s Court area of London is apparently a “notorious pick-up area for rent boys”. Secondly because, since Roman Abramovich bought and invested heavily in Chelsea, their players are seen as mercenaries who will do anything for money.

Supporters of Everton Football Club, which is based in the city of Liverpool, have also been filmed singing the song.

Jorge Rodrigues, the chair of Everton’s LGBT supporters group “the Rainbow Toffees”, said: “The Chelsea rent boys chant is homophobic. This kind of banter is a problem and needs to be eradicated.”

However, he continued to say that Everton is very welcoming of LGBT fans and the chant comes from extreme elements of the clubs fanbase.

He compared the “rent boy” chants to the “Liverpool slums” song Everton and Liverpool supporters have been subjected to for years.

A spokesperson for the Gay Football Supporters Federation advised supporters to report the chant if they hear it.

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A group of trans women have formed an all-trans football club to celebrate the World Cup.

According to a report from Vocativ, the trans women concocted the club as a way to combat transphobia.

Trans leader Mariana said: “With the World Cup, we are honouring and are proud of Colombia.

“We are trans, but we are still Colombians, and we want to be involved in Colombian society.”

“Trans people get treated badly

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Priest: World Cup is a ‘homosexual abomination’ because players wear gay shoes

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A Russian Orthodox Priest has claimed that the World Cup is an abomination because players wear brightly-coloured shoes.

Writing in his column on Russian People’s Line, Priest Alexander Shumsky claimed that players are promoting a “gay rainbow” by wearing green, pink, yellow and blue shoes.

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Photos of gay dads welcoming newborn baby into the world go viral

An emotional set of photos showing a gay couple welcoming their baby into the world has gone viral.

Photographer Lindsay Foster captured the moment when BJ and Frankie first got to meet their son Milo, born to a surrogate.

Taken on the same day as World Pride, the Canadian photographer caught the moment the new dads removed their shirts in order to help the bonding process.

She later uploaded the photos to her Facebook page, in a post reading: “They are two compassionate people who felt all the emotions that every new parent feels.”

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Tony Perkins: Obama is ‘exporting’ homosexuality around the world

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The president of the American Family Association has claimed that Barack Obama is “exporting” homosexuality around the world.

Tony Perkins, who runs the anti-gay group, made the comments attacking the President’s position.

He said: “Under the current administration, America’s top export is immorality.

“Considering the news, foreign policy must be a foreign concept to this White House.

“While the veterans watch as the Middle East implodes, the President’s trying to put troops on the ground in the fight to promote global homosexuality.

“When the U.S. embassy isn’t flying rainbow flags, the Obama administration is planting them — for radical sexualism.

“During this month’s LGBT pep rally at the State Department, John Kerry said his biggest focus was ‘working hard to have lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors’.

“He went on to say, ‘We now have hundreds of LGBT individuals in our bureaus at State, USAID, and at posts all around the world.’

“Of course, what Kerry didn’t mention is that his agenda is coming at the expense of the nation’s real priorities.

“Unfortunately for Christians persecuted overseas, religious liberty is the casualty of this push. America’s credibility is the other.”

Last month, the Family Research Council accidentally cited a poll which found people were overwhelmingly in favour of workplace discrimination laws, while trying to argue against them.

Also last month, Perkins was lambasted by Jewish groups for a

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Fifa did not take action over offensive chanting by Mexican fans, racist chanting at matches involving Russia and Croatia, or

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